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Continuing to nurture your preschooler's mind, the Kids 'R' Kids Pre-Kindergarten program is filled with enjoyable activities for any child. This is the next stop on your child's way toward elementary learning. Here, learning is driven by student development and imagination.


Our program meets and exceeds national standards, has literature-based units, and addresses all learning styles. The program's goal is to help each child succeed to his fullest potential, which is why each unit of study was developed with the learner in mind.


Pre-Kindergarten activities include large and small hands-on groups, independent activities, and realistic application. The learning stations and curriculum were designed to build children's comprehension. Through independent and cooperative learning strategies, children are able to apply thought, imagination, and creativity into their educational experiences.


This program is broken down into three categories: academic introductions, individual and group activities, and station opportunities. The academic introductions are group learning sessions where students are introduced to subject matter. Our individual and group activities help students apply what they have learned and focus on building individual comprehension. Pre-Kindergarten station opportunities provide the following:


Construction Station is an area where children learn to use their imagination to create something from their own thinking. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction that they created something on their own. In this station, they learn about size and shape, weight and balance, height and depth and smooth and rough among other things. The Construction Station also helps to develop fine and gross motor control as children play together cooperatively while learning socialization skills.

Imagination Station encourages individual and group play activities with real and imaginary props. This is a place where children can learn the roles of mothers and fathers or any other person that they can imagine other than themselves. Play in this station encourages cooperation, sharing and socialization.

Sensory Station is an area that children can experience different textures and how to describe what they feel. It can also be very soothing to bury their hands in sand or even mud. They learn to pour from pitchers and cups which gives them confidence in the future when they do these things without the safety net we provide. Play in this area can be in a very small group or even alone so childrenare not competing with eachother. Some aspects of learning in this station include size and measurment. Children experiment with measuring cups and spoons and different containers.  Children are learning real life skills for their future and measuring skills for their future education.

Reading and Writing Station is an area where children learn to love books and stories as well as gain skills in writing by building the fine motor muscles in their hands. Children learn left-to-right progression, how letters form words and that those words, when placed together, make sentences. They learn that the sentences, when put together properly, make stories. We teach children the different parts of a book including the cover, pages, author, and illustrator and what these people do. We help children expand their vocabulary through the use of vocabulary words which help them understand the world around them. Through the use of books, children learn about new concepts, people and places. They learn how to visualize these people and places through the use of stories. Developing fine motor control skills helps children learn to write. We create opportunities to write in their own journals by using models of letters and words and also providing a wide variety of writing materials.

Creation Station provides children with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and artistic abilities through the use of a wide variety of art materials. Both teacher-directed and children`s free choice art experiences help to develop their skills and imagination. The use of these materials also help`s develop children`s fine motor control which contribute`s to their ability to write properly in the future.

Music Station enables children to experience music through participation with instruments, listening to recorded music and doing both at the same time. Participation in this station creates a love for music while having fun at the same time.

Outdoor Adventures help children develop their gross motor skills in a safe, exciting environment while they take in the fresh air and have fun.  


Children continue to learn about themselves and the environment around them in an atmosphere permeated with the Kids 'R' Kids philosophy of “Hug First, Then Teach.” Teachers encourage and praise children for their accomplishments, building their self-esteem and creating memorable learning experiences with them.

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